New Homes

Building a new home is the ideal time at which to incorporate smart home technology. This means you can move in with full automation already in place, so you and your family can enjoy all the benefits of a smart home from day one.

With Eco Smart Life automation technology in your new home, you can:

  • • Enjoy greater energy efficiency
  • • Use technology to control a wide range of everyday functions
  • • Keep your home and family secure
  • • Be alerted immediately to fire, smoke or gas emergencies
  • • Monitor your home, even when you’re out

All of these functions can easily be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet, giving you ultimate control with maximum flexibility

When you work with Eco Smart Life during the construction of a new home, we can ensure that all the features that you and your family want are incorporated into the build and are configured just as you like them on the day you move in.

Eco Smart Life can automate your home so that you have total control over all sorts of functions — from switching the lights on and off, to setting and monitoring your home security system, to remote control of your windows and doors. We can take care of it all for you.

What’s more, you get all of this control and functionality from your tablet or phone through the Eco Smart Life app. This means you can check the CCTV when you’re away from home, set the lights to switch on and off at pre-set times, or open and close the blinds remotely — all from a slickly designed, user-friendly mobile app, wherever you are.

Existing Homes

Existing home owners can also enjoy the convenience and energy-saving features of an Eco Smart Life home automation system.

We are able to retro-fit home automation in properties of all ages and construction types, so no matter when your home was built, you can benefit from the very latest in contemporary home automation with Eco Smart Life.

Some people think that having an older property means that it’s not possible to install a home automation system, or that the process requires too much work and expense. However, when we install an Eco Smart Life home automation system in an existing property:

  • • There is no need for expensive additional data cabling
  • • Plaster does not have to be reworked
  • • Installation is quick and hassle-free
  • • Minimal labour time is required

Eco Smart Life is able to install automated home systems in all types of properties, including houses, units and apartments. We are highly experienced in working with and adapting existing infrastructures so that disruption to your lifestyle is kept to a minimum.

Our smart home technology is designed so that there is no need to install additional data and network cabling, or switchboards. This means that the installation process is not only quick and efficient, but that the associated costs are kept to a minimum as well.

With Eco Smart Life, you can enjoy all the benefits of a modern, fully automated lifestyle, combined with efficient and cost-effective installation, no matter when your home was built.

Control your energy use

An Eco Smart Life home automation system gives you greater control over your home energy use, meaning you can cut both costs and your emissions.

Your system can be configured so that lights are switched on, off or dimmed remotely, or they come on automatically at pre-set times, while other appliances can also be controlled remotely so that they use less energy and operate more efficiently.

Integrate your exisiting technology

Our home automation systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your exisiting technology and appliances, so introducing Eco Smart Life into your family life does not mean that you have to start again from scratch.

Any electronic equipment that can be operated using infra-red remote control can be incorporated into an Eco Smart Life automated system, so your TV, sound system, air conditioning or heating can all be controlled from your smartphone or tablet using the Eco Smart Life app.

Installing smart power sockets also gives you control over other types of home appliances, meaning that your can switch on or off any electrical device in your home from the one easy-to-use app.

Enjoy improved home safety and security

With an Eco Smart Life home automation system, you get both greater efficiency and enhanced home security.

For instance, CCTV cameras and motion detectors enable you to monitor your home from your mobile phone wherever you are, and receive real time notifications if there is any type of security breach, day or night.

Our systems also feature gas, smoke and fire detection technology that alert you to any imminent danger instantly with real time notifications.


Eco Smart Life works with builders and other construction professionals to provide integrated home automation systems in new home builds, or as part of a rebuild or renovation.

This enables you to add value to the service you provide for your clients by including home automation as part of a new home or renovation package. We are happy to liaise directly wth your clients and showcase the full range of capabilities and benefits that home automation can provide.

This is an especially appealing option for the new generation of homeowners who have grown up with smartphones and interactive technology. New home builders in particular find that smart home technology is a very attractive added feature for younger homebuyers as they take their first steps on the property ladder.

To find out more about partnering with Eco Smart Life to offer a home automation system to your clients, please complete the form below.


Eco Smart Life automation technology also provides a range of benefits for commercial and business premises.

An automation system gives you improved around-the-clock security at your premises, and provides real time notifications to your mobile phone or tablet so that you are informed instantly about any potential security breaches, even when you are away.

You can also pre-set and remotely operate electrical appliances, lighting, heating and cooling so that you have complete control — all from your mobile phone or tablet. This means you can operate with more energy efficiency and keep your costs under control at all times.

To find out more about installing an Eco Smart Life automation system in your business or commercial premises, please complete the form below.