Why Choose Eco Smart Life?

Change the way you live

Eco Smart Life home automation solutions can open up a whole new way of living for you and your family.

Our goal is to make the process of automating your home as simple and straightforward as possible. We take care of everything for you, from finding the right products for your family’s lifestyle, to installing your new system in your home, to making sure your home automation continues to meet your needs with first-rate customer care and after-sales service. Eco Smart Life does it all.

Solutions for every type of home

Whether you are in the process of building a new home, or want to retro-fit your exisiting one, Eco Smart Life has a range of solutions designed to help you make the most of automated living.

If you are looking to add one of our automated solutions to your exisiting home, our systems integrate seamlessly into your electrical framework with minimal reconfiguration required.

Our experienced team of technicians will guide you through the entire installation and start up process, including installing the Eco Smart Life app on all of your devices.

The Eco Smart Life home automation system can be configured to perform just about every function you can think of in your home, and we supply and install all the kit you need to create the ideal smart home environment. Along with smart switches and sockets, we can automate a host of other features as well, like your curtains and blinds, or your home theatre.

However, our home automation systems don’t only improve your quality of life — they can help to keep your family safe as well. From door and window locks, to motion sensors and CCTV, to smoke and gas detectors, we can design and install a system that incorporates all of these features and more.

Living life in comfort

User-friendly functionality is just one of the many benefits of an Eco Smart Life automated home. Our devices and systems are designed with modern lifestyles in mind, and so can be customised to meet your family’s needs and provide you with all the flexibility you’ll ever want.

The efficiency and intuitive design of an Eco Smart Life home automation system will enhance the way in which you and your family enjoy life together, and the ease with which our systems can be operated will help you to derive even more pleasure from your modern home.

A system you can rely on

With an Eco Smart Life home automation system, you can be assured of getting outstanding operational reliability, plus stable connectivity with the other devices in your home. Designed to be both robust and low maintenance, our wireless systems offer high levels of functionality combined with ease of use, as well as with fast communication speeds and stable connections.

You can always be sure that your Eco Smart Life home automation system will be there, giving you the reliability you want whenever you need it.

Keeping you and your family safe

You can rest secure in the knowledge that yourEco Smart Life automated system is also helping to make your home safe. The system cannot be accessed except using devices that you have authorised, while the 128-bit encryption ensures that locks on windows, doors and elsewhere remain secure. The closed-sourced software that operates the system can’t be accessed, copied or deleted except with the protected source code.

All of this adds up to an extremely safe environment where not only the functions in your home, but also your devices and data, all remain private and secure. Your security features cannot be compromised, and so not only does an Eco Smart Life home automation system give you a more energy efficient home, you get enhanced protection and home security as well.

Hassle-free connectivity

We are all living increasingly connected lives today, but this should never interfere with the smooth operation of your automated home. The Eco Smart Life home automation system is designed so that other devices in use anywhere in your home or on your wi-fi network won’t impact on its functionality or ease of use.

Wherever you are operating your home automation system from — in the living room, the backyard, or away from the house via the app on your smartphone or tablet — your will enjoy uninterrupted operation and hassle-free connectivity.

Making it work for you

Eco Smart Life home automation is designed to meet the needs of you and your family, and so we take an holistic view to the creation and implementation of our systems. We look at what you want your system to accomplish and how it will be used, and then design an automated home solution to suit you.

Whether you’re after greater energy efficiency and lower electricity costs, an enhanced lifestyle, improved home security — or all of these — Eco Smart Life can devise an integrated home automation solution to help you and your family make the most of every moment.