Eco Smart Life home automation systems are designed to make your home more liveable.

Our custom-designed automation offers you complete control of just about everything in your home — and you can manage it all at the tap of a button on the Eco Smart Life app.

Programme lights and appliances to switch on or off at set times, open the garage door while you’re still in the car, lock and unlock your security doors, or check your CCTV when you’re away from home using a single, integrated app on your smartphone or tablet.

Making life fun!

Families today have more home entertainment options than ever before, and Eco Smart Life designs automated systems to help you make the most of them all.

With the Eco Smart Life app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control all of your home entertainment devices from the one place, giving you both total control and the ultimate in flexibility.

With a single tap on your phone, you can operate your TV or home theatre, sound system and speakers, streaming services and cable channels, as well as dim the lights and close the curtains when the fun is ready to begin.

Keeping your family and property secure

A home automation system is about more than just making life easier — it’s about making your home safer as well.

The Eco Smart Life app on your smartphone or tablet gives you remote access and control of a range of home security features that are designed to provide peace of mind wherever you are.

The app enables you to activate/deactivate your alarm system and security lights, lock and unlock your doors and windows, or simply tune into your CCTV feed wherever you are to make sure all is well.

You can also enjoy added benefits like being able to link the app to motion sensors or digi-locks so that you receive real-time notifications if there is ever any sort of security event on your property, whether you are at home or not.

Staying alert and safe

As well as offering security against intrusion or other forms of unauthorised access to your home, with an Eco Smart Life home automation system you get protection from other forms of danger as well.

Your home smoke, gas and leak detectors, for instance, can be integrated with the Eco Smart Life app so that you will get a real time notification on your smartphone or tablet alerting you to any problems instantly. This means that even if you’re away from the house, or asleep at home in the middle of the night, your Eco Smart Life home automation system will alert you to potential danger or threats immediately.